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Catrin Evans QC

Catrin Evans QC
Call: 1994 Silk: 2016

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Richard Rampton QCRichard Rampton QC


Call: 1965

Silk: 1987


  • Defamation
  • Privacy and Confidence
  • Contempt of Court
  • Data Protection
  • Freedom of Information
  • Human Rights Law, particularly articles 8 and 10 of the ECHR

Richard was awarded Chambers & Partners “Defamation Silk of the Year in 2014 and 2006”, being described as having ‘more clout than most in the libel arena’, earning him the title of “king of the libel bar”. Observers see him as “a fearless performer” with “fantastic judgment” and “an entertaining style.”


Considered a go-to senior counsel on complex libel claims who has a strong track record in precedent-setting cases. He continues to act for newspaper groups and publishers in defamation proceedings. Chambers and Partners 2017

‘He has a sharp mind and brilliant advocacy skills’. The Legal 500 2016

leading libel silk who has appeared in many of the most critical decisions in the last three decades. He continues to lead on high-profile matters and authors key commentary within the practice area.  "He's brilliant and has the senior courts eating out of his hands. He has a slightly mischievous air to him, with a sharp mind and brilliant advocacy skills." "He is a firm favourite with clients who like his gravitas and easy-going manner, behind which lurks fierce intelligence and tremendous experience." Chambers and Partners 2016 

'Rated very highly by Solicitors' The Legal 500 2015

Admired by solicitors for his confidence in court and his ability to effortlessly persuade a judge and jury of his case. He is a dominant presence in the defamation, privacy and data protection arenas, and has acted in some of the most prominent cases of recent times. He often appears in the Court of Appeal. "He's hugely experienced and really engages in the case on behalf of the client." "Supremely confident and reassuring." Chambers and Partners 2015

He has tremendous gravitas, and is good with clients.’ The Legal 500 2014

Has a busy practice of exceptional pedigree, and has frequently appeared in matters before the Court of Appeal. He is praised for his manner around clients, who find his immense knowledge and confidence extremely reassuring. "Hugely experienced, he really engages in the case on behalf of the client." "He's dependable, instinctive and a pleasure to work with." Chambers and Partners 2014

Richard Rampton QC ‘remains one of the best brains’ among the QCs in the field. The Legal 500 2013/14

"combines gravitas and legal knowledge with formidable client-handling skills." He is "a top QC, a great team player," and quite simply "knows it all." Chambers and Partners 2013

doyen of the libel Bar’ Richard Rampton QC appeared for the defendant in Flood v Times Newspapers. The Legal 500 2012/13

Richard Rampton QC attracts a similar weight of effusive praise. "Smooth and enticing, he is an effective advocate, who is great with a jury." This "first-rate, highly tenacious" performer recently led in defence of Times Newspapers in one of the few defamation trials on the Reynolds Privilege. Chambers and Partners 2012

Richard Rampton QC is a “leading force in the libel world” and has “strong intellect and tremendous experience”. The Legal 500 2011/12

The "shrewd and charming” Richard Rampton has handled increasingly impressive cases for years now. Interviewees were quick to lavish praise on a lawyer who "presents his cases succinctly and is capable of distilling matters down to their essentials." Chambers and Partners 2011

Richard Rampton QC “can be devastating” but, nevertheless, is “approachable” and “really good to work with”. The Legal 500 2010/11

This "absolute gentleman" is "consistently excellent in the advice he provides." Solicitors affirm that "he is not intimidated or fazed by any circumstances he faces and is renowned for his ability to deal with large, document-heavy, complex actions." Chambers and Partners 2010

“exceptionally diligent”, “A genius of a man and a nice guy to deal with,” he is according to many “simply awesome on intricate cases.” Previous opponents warned: “He is someone never to be underestimated.” Chambers and Partners 2009

Richard Rampton QC is ‘ a hugely experienced jury advocate’ The Legal 500 2008/9

Praise was unstinting for Richard Rampton QC, too. "Clients fight over his services" and he is, as one rival noted, “not the man you want on the other side as he has experience, judgement and wisdom like no other.” According to observers, he “sees through technicalities and does not get bogged down by points that ultimately don´t go far.” Chambers and Partners 2008

“Richard Rampton QC, known for acting for the claimant in George Galloway MP v Telegraph Group Ltd, is also held in the highest regard for his ‘fantastic judgment’, ‘consistent, thorough advice’ and ‘excellent advocacy’.” The Legal 500 2007/8

“A very eminent name on the circuit, Richard Rampton QC’s storming success in the recent Galloway case might well be put down to an ability to provide ‘thorough and very analytical advice’, combined with being quite simply an ‘excellent advocate’.” The Legal 500 2006/7

“King of the libel bar” Richard Rampton QC appeared for the claimant in Marion Henry v BBC. According to observers, Rampton is ‘a fearless performer who won’t take a bad point.’ He combines his ‘fantastic judgment’ with a ‘delightful and entertaining style’ and also recently appeared for the claimant in George Galloway MP v Telegraph Group Ltd. Through his efforts Mr Galloway secured some £150,000 in libel damages. Chambers and Partners 2007


  • Bryanston School (1953-8)
  • The Queen’s College, Oxford (1959-62)
  • BA OXON (1962) in Greats (ancient history and philosophy)


  • Bencher Inner Temple 1995


  • Mionis v Democratic SA CA [2017] – Judgment pending
  • Flood v Times Newspapers – Supreme Court [2017] UKSC 33
  • Cruddas v Calvert & Anor CA [2015] EMLR 16
  • Mionis v Democratic SA [2014] EWHC 4104 (QB)
  • Flood v Times Newspapers [2014] EWCA Civ 1574
  • Cruddas v Calvert & ors [2013] EWHC 2298 (QB)
  • Waterson v Lloyd MP & Anor [2013] EWHC 2201 (QB), [2013] EWCA Civ 136, [2011] EWHC 3292 (QB) & EWHC 3197 (QB)
  • Flood v Times Newspapers Ltd [2013] EWHC 2182 (QB), [2012] UKSC 11, EWCA Civ 804 & EWHC 2375 (QB)
  • Citation Plc v Ellis Whittam Ltd [2013] EWCA Civ 155
  • McLaughlin v Lambeth Borough Council (2012)
  • Mengi v Hermitage [2012] EWHC 3445 (QB) (30 November 2012)
  • Bento v The Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police [2012] EWHC 1525 (QB) (01 June 2012)
  • Lait v Evening Standard Ltd [2011] EWCA Civ 859 (28 July 2011) & EWHC 3239 (QB) (09 December 2010)
  • Taranissi v BBC (2007-9)
  • Bray v Deutsche Bank (2008)
  • Flood v Times Newspapers (2008)
  • Materazzi v Assd Newspapers and News Group Newspapers(2007-8)
  • Condoco Grand Cayman & Ryan v KYC News (2007)
  • Heather Mills McCartney v Associated Newspapers and News Group Newspapers(2007)
  • Virdi v Associated Newspapers (2007)
  • Warren v Hatton (2007)
  • Blunkett v Times Newspapers (2006)
  • Campbell –v- Safra (2006)
  • Henry –v- BBC (2006)
  • George Galloway MP v The Telegraph Group Ltd [2006]
  • Oryx Natural Resources –v- The BBC
  • Carlton Communications –v- News Group Newspapers
  • Michael Douglas –v- Hola & Ors
  • Rakhimov –v- Simon & Schuster
  • Rakhimov –v- Express Newspapers
  • Amanda Holden & Les Dennis –v- Express Newspapers
  • Sugar –v- Associated Newspapers (2001)
  • Sugar –v- News Group Newspapers (2000)
  • Irving –v- Lipstadt and Penguin Books (2000) (Holocaust denial)
  • British Biotech PLC –v- DR Millar
  • McDonalds -v- Steel & Morris (1994) (the longest trial in English legal history)
  • Taylforth -v- Metropolitan Police (1994)
  • Body Shop -v- Channel 4 TV (1993)
  • Neil -v- Worsthorne (1990)
  • Aldington -v- Tolstoy (1989) (the ‘forced repatriations’ of Cossacks and Yugoslavs at the end of WWII)
  • Shah –v- Standard Chartered Bank (1999) QB 241 (nature and scope of justification)
  • Telnikoff –v- Matusevitch (1992) 2AC 243 (nature and scope of fair comment)
  • Control risks –v- New English Library (1990) 1WLR183 (pleading fair comment)
  • Atkinson –v- Fitzwalter (1987) 1 WLR 201 (as above)
  • Lucas Box –v- Associated Newspapers (1986) 1 WLR 147 (pleading and scope of justification)


Richard’s appearances and advices in foreign jurisdictions include Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hawaii and The Cayman Islands, also Privy Council appearances in defamation cases from NSW and Barbados.


Duncan & Neill on Defamation 4th Edition The 4th edition of Duncan & Neill has now been published. The highly reputable authors; Sir Brian Neill, Richard Rampton QC, Heather Rogers QC, Timothy Atkinson and Aidan Eardley have fully updated and expanded this new edition to take account of the Defamation Act 2013. It also includes chapters on malicious falsehood, misuse of private information, harassment and data protection.


Classical music, fishing, renaissance painting, skiing, hill walking, old roses and various sports.