IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent (Which is the Best LLC Service?)

Going to form a new business? Looking for the best incorporation services to help you? With so many LLC formation services out there, it gets hard to select the right one. However, with the right information in your hands, you can make the correct choice!

IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent

IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent are popular LLC formation services that provide quality services to their users. They have been around for a while and have responsive customer support. In this IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent review, we will compare their features so that you would know which company is better for you.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Quick Summary: IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent

Don’t have time to read the comprehensive IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent review? Let us make it even easier for you by giving you quick highlights!

No one can come close to IncFile when it comes to pricing, because they offer free services. Moreover, they have excellent customer service and glowing customer reviews. Northwest Registered Agent is famous for its personalized customer services and has been in the business for quite some time.

  • Signup for IncFile if you are looking for the best rates with high-quality services
  • Signup for Northwest Registered Agent if you value personalized customer services and are willing to pay more for it




For the cheapest price, IncFile is our recommended LLC formation service.

Northwest Registered Agent

For personalized customer services along with LLC formation.

Similarities Between IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent

Since both IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent offer LLC formation services, there are bound to be some similarities between them. Before going any further, let’s see what are a few common characteristics that endear them to their users.

Experienced Company

If you value experience and the number of years a company has been around, you will be satisfied to learn that both IncFile has plenty of years of experience under their belt. They have helped thousands of individuals form their LLC and most of them have left glowing reviews!

Professional Customer Services

Quality customer service helps the user contact the service whenever they have a query or any issue. Both IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent have quality customer service, long-available hours, and knowledgeable customer representatives.

Credible and reliable help is just a phone call away!

User-Friendly Websites

You don’t waste your time navigating through difficult and complex layouts while placing an order for LLC formation, right? Whether you use IncFile or Northwest Registered Agent, you will be satisfied with the user-friendly websites and easy-to-follow instructions.

Affordable Rates

Are you thinking of hiring a business attorney to form your LLC? Think again. Can you afford the heft bills and lawyer fees? It is normal for a new business owner to work under a budget for there are plenty of expenses to take care of. 

It doesn’t matter which company you choose, both IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent will charge you way less than what a business attorney would. Better yet, IncFile even has a free package!

Registered Agent Service

To ensure that your state has a reliable way of contacting you, you need a registered agent. You will get this service from IncFile as well as Northwest Registered Agent. Even though their prices differ, the registered agent service you get is the same. But, more on that later!

Efficient Services

If you want to form your LLC quickly, without a hassle, and in an efficient manner, then IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent have your back. They have an expedited filing service available that will reduce the processing time!

Differences Between IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent

Even though both IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent offer LLC formation services, there are a few distinctive features that distinguish them from each other. Let’s take a brief look at their differences before we move on to the side-by-side comparison.


The major difference between IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent is the prices you get from them. IncFile has a free package in which they charge you $0! What can be better than this, right? Not only will you get your LLC formed free of cost, but you will also get a free year of registered agent service. For LLC formation services at Northwest Registered Agent, you will have to pay $225.

Number of Reviews

Both companies have been around for a long time. However, there are thousands of user reviews for IncFile online while Northwest Registered Agent has only a couple of hundred user reviews. 

Years of Experience

Northwest Registered Agent has been around a few years longer than IncFile. However, they are a small company and don’t have a lot of customers. On the other hand, IncFile has thousands of customers and plenty of glowing reviews.

Side-by-Side Comparison

It is time to compare IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent according to their features, pricing, and other important services side-by-side so that you can make a choice between the two easily!


Who doesn’t want quality services at affordable rates, right? What if you get an even better option and get the same services without paying a dime? Well, that is what IncFile offers to its loyal customers. IncFile has a multi-tiered subscription plan and the basic package, Silver Plan, is absolutely free.

The next package you get from them is the Gold Plan priced at $149. It has plenty of alluring features other than LLC formation and registered agent service that we will discuss later. The third package available is the Platinum Plan that costs $299. It is a wholesome package and takes care of all your LLC formation needs.

With all three packages, you will get one year free of registered agent service, and later, you will have to pay $119 annually.

Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t have multi-tiered plans but rather has only one LLC formation plan that costs a whopping $225. If you want additional features, you can add them to your package separately by paying more.

The registered agent service is a part of their LLC formation plan and you pay $125 for the service annually. 

IncFile wins the race by a long shot when it comes to pricing!


  • Silver: $0
  • Gold: $149
  • Platinum: $229

Northwest Registered Agent

  • LLC formation plan: $225


IncFile as well as Northwest Registered Agent offer services other than simply filing your LLC. Some of the features are part of the packages available while others can be bought separately if you need them. With IncFile, you get three packages, all offering different services. On the other hand, Northwest Registered Agent only provides one plan.


  • Free Registered Agent Service (one year)
  • Operating Agreement
  • Bank Account
  • Tax-consultation

Northwest Registered Agent

  • LLC Formation
  • Registered Agent Services
  • Business Operating Agreement

Basic-Tier Plan Comparison

The Silver package offers you the following features and costs $0.

  1. LLC Formation
  2. Business Name Search
  3. Free Registered Agent Service

With Northwest Registered Agent’s basic package you get the following services by paying $225.

  1. LLC Formation
  2. Registered Agent Services
  3. Business Operating Agreement
  • Order Processing Time. If you choose IncFile, you get a one-day processing guarantee. On the other hand, Northwest Registered Agent will take almost 3 business days to process your order. The filing time then depends on your state of formation.
  • Registered Agent Service. The charges for registered agent service at IncFile are $119 annually. With all 3 packages, you get the first year of the service free of cost. If you select Northwest Registered Agent as your registered agent, you will have to pay $125 yearly.
  • Annual Compliance. You will get free lifetime company alerts from IncFile while you will have to keep using Northwest Registered Agent services to get annual compliance.
  • Web Domain. This service is not available at Northwest Registered Agent. By paying only $20 every month as a hosting fee, you will get your own Web domain.

Mid-Tier Plan Comparison

The Gold package has a minimal cost of $149. Along with the features of the Silver plan, you get the following additional features:

  1. Federal Tax ID EIN
  2. IRS Form 2553
  3. Bank Account
  4. Tax Consultation
  5. Business Operating Agreement
  6. Banking Resolution
  7. LLC Formation Kit(Organizer, Seal, Certificates)

There is no mid-tier plan available at Northwest Registered Agent.

Top-Tier Plan Comparison

The third package available at IncFile is the Premium package that will cost you $299. The premium plan includes all the features from the gold plan and the following extra features:

  1. Expedited Filing 
  2. Free Business Domain Name
  3. Business Email
  4. Business Contracts 

Again, there is no third-tier provided by Northwest Registered Agent.

It is clear that IncFile takes the lead when it comes to features.


The number of years a company has under their belts matters a lot because this tells us that they are an experienced company that knows its way around. IncFile has been doing business since 2004 and has helped over 250,000 individuals with LLC formation. 

On the other hand, Northwest Registered Agent has been around for a longer period of time as it was created in 1998. They have formed many LLCs and are very popular in the industry. However, they don’t have enough user reviews to back their experience.

Therefore, we think this category is a close tie.

Customer Support

What if you have a technical question or want more information about the services provided by a company? You contact their customer services, of course! You can reach IncFile via phone, email, webchat.  

The wait time for phone support is a few minutes while they reply to your email within one business day at max. Phone support is available on weekdays from 9 am – 6 pm (CST). You can also submit your query online.

Northwest Registered Agent is famous for their dedicated customer representatives known as the Corporate Guides. Each client is assigned a personal guide – if you have any questions, you contact them personally and they will help you out!

The Corporate Guides are highly-trained professionals who are courteous and polite as well as knowledgeable. Even though the phone support hours are not mentioned clearly on their website, you can contact them during business hours.

Turnaround Times

When it comes to turnaround times, you have to keep two factors in mind:

  1. State processing time
  2. Expedited filing option provided by the company

IncFile has a one-day processing guarantee. This means that they will prepare and file your articles of organization with the state within one-business-day. If you choose the silver package or the gold package, the turnaround time will depend on the state of formation.

However, if you want an expedited filing, you can choose their premium plan that offers this facility.

If you choose Northwest Registered Agent, your order will be processed in 1-3 business days. Moreover, there is no expedited filing facility. The turnaround time will vary from state to state and it can take anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks.

Clearly, IncFile is the better option since they have an option for expedited filing.

Order Tracking

If you can track the status of your order, it will give you much-needed peace, and you will be able to focus on your business. IncFile as well as Northwest Registered Agent have an order-tracking tool that will help you keep an eye on your order. 

Simply log in to your account and check the order status from your profile!

Registered Agent Service

It is the requirement of every state in America that each LLC will have a registered agent. You can become your own registered agent but this means your address will become part of the public records. Therefore, to protect your privacy, it is a better idea to hire a high-quality service.

If you select IncFile, they will act as your registered agent for free for one year. After that, they will charge you $119 every year. On the other hand, you have to pay $125 for the same service from Northwest Registered Agent. Northwest Registered Agent scans all the documents they receive on your behalf instead of only the documents they are legally obliged to scan.

Obviously, Northwest Registered Agent provide an incredible service, the key is in their name. If you want the best registered agent services, that's Northwest. For free service for a year and a cheaper annual service, you want IncFile.

Customer Reviews

By now, you have an idea about the services provided by both IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent. However, the people who are entitled to have an opinion about their services are the ones who have actually used these services.

In any comparison between IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent, you need to look at the customer reviews to get a true picture.

IncFile has a stellar record when it comes to customer reviews and feedback. They have thousands of reviews online and most of them are positive in nature. Their users praise their low prices, ease of use, and knowledgeable customer reps. 

On the other hand, when we checked for Northwest Registered Agent’s user reviews online, we were disappointed to see only a couple of hundred reviews. Since they have been in business for more than 20 years now, we expected to see plenty more reviews.

However, the reviews that we did find were positive and praised the Corporate Guides at Northwest Registered Agent.

Therefore, we give this category to IncFile because there is actual proof regarding their high-quality services in the form of thousands of user reviews. 

Ease of Use

Do you want to spend hours filling forms and learning legal jargon? Of course not! IncFile has a very easy and simple order process and it will take you only 10 minutes to place your order. The website is easy to use and you can place your order quickly, with only a couple of upsells.

On the other hand, Northwest Registered Agent does have a simple order process but their website is a bit difficult to navigate. However, they don’t have any upsells or third-party offers to disturb you as you place your order, so that is a big relief.

This category is a tie between IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent.

Additional Services

You will get LLC formation services as well as a few other alluring features from both IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent. From EIN acquisition to business tax consultation, IncFile has plenty of enticing features, What makes them even lucrative is the fact that most of them come as a part of the pre-made packages and you won’t have to pay extra money for them.

However, Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer a lot of features and where it does, you have to pay money on top of their $225 LLC formation package fee.

IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent: Which is Best?

It is time to make a decision. The million-dollar question is: IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent – which one do you choose? IncFile & Northwest Registered Agent are both experienced companies with excellent customer services. However, IncFile has a couple of advantages over Northwest Registered Agent that no one can ignore.

IncFile offers its services free of cost and has multi-tiered subscription plans. Contrary to this, Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer any free package and has only one LLC formation package, so there is not a whole lot of flexibility with them.

Moreover, the volume of customer feedback for IncFile is way higher than that of Northwest Registered Agent, which we find highly surprising. The choice should be perfectly clear for you by now. However, if you are not sure even yet, let’s make it even simpler for you.

  • Signup for IncFile if you are on a budget but still want an experienced service to form your LLC quickly and efficiently

IncFile is perfect for business owners who

  1. Are searching for the best overall value
  2. Value customer reviews and feedback
  3. Want free services
  • Signup for Northwest Registered Agent if you value customized customer service and don’t mind paying extra for this facility

Northwest Registered Agent is a good option for people who

  1. Like personalized customer support
  2. Want all of their documents to be scanned and uploaded for their ease
  3. Don’t have a budget to worry about




For the cheapest price, IncFile is our recommended LLC formation service.

Northwest Registered Agent

For a customized customer service along with LLC formation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to cancel your IncFile subscription, you can send the company you chose an email asking them to cancel your subscription. They will get back to you with a response quickly. Moreover, you can also call them during their support hours.

IncFile offers you expedited filing service as a part of their premium package. With Northwest Registered Agent, the turnaround time depends on your state of formation. Therefore, it is clear that IncFile has better turnaround times. 

The main advantage of IncFile is its free package. You can get your LLC formed and avail registered agent year for a whole year without paying a fee. Northwest Registered Agent is well-known for its highly-trained, personalized customer reps known as Corporate Guides.

If you choose IncFile, you can cancel your order and ask for a refund as long as your documents have not already been sent to the state. They will charge a cancellation fee and give the rest of your money back, Since they have a one-day processing guarantee, this means that you have 24 hours after placing your order to ask for a refund. After that, you will not get a refund.

If you go for Northwest Registered Agent, you will have to pay a cancellation fee if you ask for a refund. However, you don’t have a limit regarding the timing of your refund request.

You can always form your LLC on your own. However, since this is a time-consuming process, we recommend that you opt for IncFile’s Silver package which is free of cost!

In a few states, such as New York, Arizona, etc. you need to announce the formation of your company in the local newspaper. However, unfortunately, neither IncFile nor Northwest Registered Agent provides their users this facility. If you need this feature, then you can either go the DIY route or choose some other LLC formation company such as ZenBusiness who offer this service.

When you are using Northwest Registered Agent, you don’t have to worry about any upsells. However, there are a few upsells scattered across the order process or IncFile. Still, we don’t think that they go overboard on them.

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