IncFile vs Swyft Filings (Which is the Best LLC Service?)

Starting any company, let alone registering it as an LLC, is an intimidating task to undertake, especially if you are a novice in the business. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to choose from the many LLC formation and registration services out there without some advice.

IncFile vs Swyft Filings

Well, we are here to give you that advice. In this article, we will compare two of the most famous LLC formation services: IncFile and Swyft Filings. Can’t make a choice between them? If so, fret not because now you will know all the details you need to make an informed decision. In this detailed IncFile vs Swyft Filings review, we'll cover everything you could need to know when deciding between the two companies.

Quick Summary: IncFile vs Swyft Filings

If you are short on time and have little of it to spare, this section is for you. Here, we will merely touch on the salient features of each company, so that you can get a general idea about what we are going to later talk about.

  • Sign up for IncFile if you are low on capital and want to save money for other purposes.
  • Sign up for Swyft Filings if you would like the registration to proceed fast so you can get your business up and running asap.




For the cheapest price, IncFile is our recommended LLC formation service.

Swyft Filings

For a fast registration process and LLC formation.

Similarities Between IncFile and Swyft Filings

Since both of them are companies providing identical core services, the abundance of similarities between them should not be surprising. They offer many similar services, but they might differ in how they go about providing these services. 

Nevertheless, let’s see some of the major similarities between the two LLC formation companies.


Both the companies offer several LLC registration options. Whether your business is real-estate-based or you work on an online platform, you will surely be provided the assistance you need in getting your company registered as an LLC, S-corp., C-corp., or non-profit anywhere in the US.

By registering your business as an LLC instead of a sole proprietorship or a corporation, you can reap many benefits such as no double taxation and the protection of personal assets in case of a lawsuit. 

These and many other advantages granted by LLC formation are increasing the popularity of this business model among companies of every sort. 

Reasonable Rates

Hiring a lawyer can sometimes become very expensive. It can be so expensive that a small company might not have the budget to keep operating while seeking legal counsel. However, both of these companies offer a feasible alternative that does not put too much strain on your finances.

Experience in the Field

LLC formation is a significant preparatory step before your business venture truly takes off. These initial stages are very important because any negligence now will result in a huge waste of time and money. 

The workers at IncFile and Swyft Filings are seasoned professionals in what they do. They have earned their companies the trust of hundreds of clients. You can rest assured that you will enjoy one of the best LLC formation services regardless of which of the two you opt for.

Fast Operation

Expedited LLC formation services are available at both of these companies, for which, of course, you will be charged an extra sum. However, for people who want to get things going as soon as possible, the reduction of as much as weeks in the turnaround time might be worth all that money.

Excellent Customer Support

The people who will be dealing with you and answering your questions are trained to adopt a professional and sincere attitude concerning their job. Instead of spending hours researching on the internet, you can have your queries answered by them. 

The excellent reviews left by the former clients of both IncFile and Swyft Filings, and their high ratings are proof of their dedication.

Handling of Documents

Incfile & Swyft Filings can help you file the Articles of Organization that you will need during the registration process. After it has been completed, you will need to submit an annual report, which you can again leave to any of the two.

Extra Services

IncFile and Swyft Filings can also take care of many tasks other than registration, including acting as registered agents and DBAs, obtaining a federal tax ID number or EIN, and finding available names for your company.

Differences Between IncFile and Swyft Filings

IncFile and Swyft Findings have marked dissimilarities in terms of the services they are willing to render and their approach to these services. Some of these distinct features are listed below.

Licenses and Permits

IncFile provides mostly the basic services that are closely related to their core service of LLC formation. On the contrary, the people at Swyft Filings will help you obtain specialized business permits and other licenses.


IncFile will assist you if you wish to form official business partnerships with other parties. However, you will receive no guidance from Swyft Filings in this regard.

Personal Business Specialists

If you work with Swyft Filings, you will get a personal specialist who will be available to answer all your tough questions and follow your case intimately, whereas, at IncFile, there is no such specialist for individual clients.

Registered Agent Service

The companies who hire IncFile as their registered agent do not have to pay any money for their first year. Swyft Filing offers no such complimentary period.

Side-by-Side Comparison

In this section, we will analyze the various key aspects of the two companies. We will compare what each company has to offer and give you the information necessary to choose the more appropriate LLC formation service for your business. 

Let’s get right to it!


Both the companies have three packages, each of which is competitively priced (if we also take into account the services included in them). A thorough comparison of these packages is given below. Note that the prices mentioned do not include state fees. 

The basic package from IncFile is free of cost. The second-tier package costs around $149 while you have to pay $299 for the last package. On the other hand, if you choose Swyft Filings, you have no free package – the first package costs $49. Moreover, you have to pay for the registered agent service as well. 

The mid-tier package and premium package from Swyft Filings costs the same as the one from IncFile but has way less features, that we will discuss below.


  • Silver: $0
  • Gold: $149
  • Platinum: $229

Swyft Filings

  • Basic: $49
  • Standard: $149
  • Premium: $299


i) Basic-Tier Package

The Silver Package ($0) offered by IncFile costs nothing but still includes the following facilities.

  1. LLC Formation
  2. The Search for Business Names
  3. Free One-Year Registered Agent Service
  4. Tax Consultation

On the other hand, Swyft Filings’ comparable Basic Package ($49 annually) contains the following.

  1. Verification of the Availability of Name
  2. Preparation of Articles of Organization
  3. Filing of Documents
  4. Online Access to the Documents
  5. Customer Support for Life
  6. Free Thirty-Minute Tax Consultation
  7. Free Domain Name
  8. Company Alerts with ComplianceGuard

Furthermore, it must be mentioned that IncFile charges an additional $40 for operating agreements while Swyft demands only $35. Both have standard delivery but expedited service is available but with extra charges.

ii) Mid-Tier Package

The mid-range package at IncFile is called the Gold Package ($149). This package has some extra features (listed below) in addition to all the features of the Silver one.

  1. Federal Tax Number (EIN)
  2. Operating Agreement
  3. Bank Account
  4. IRS Form 2553
  5. Banking Resolution

Swyft Filing’s Standard Package ($149) costs the same as IncFile’s mid-tier plan. The former includes the following facilities besides the ones in the Basic Package.

  1. Federal Tax ID
  2. Custom LLC Operating Agreement
  3. Banking Resolution
  4. Custom Organizational Minutes

Again, only IncFile offers next-day filing. You get a free domain name with Swyft Filings, whereas IncFile will require you to pay $20 every month as hosting fee for the web domain.

iii)Top-Tier Package

The high-end package of IncFile is called the Platinum Package ($299). With it come all the features of the aforementioned two plans and the following extra facilities.

  1. Expedited Filing
  2. Business Contract Templates
  3. Domain Name
  4. Business Email

The Premium Package ($299) available at Swyft Filings is also a good option. It too includes all the services of the Standard Package and has some extra features as well which are as follows.

  1. Electronic delivery of Documents
  2. Customized Digital LLC Formation Kit
  3. Free Website and Hosting

You get a free 30-minute tax consultation and company alerts with both the packages. In case of the Premium Package, these alerts come with ComplianceGuard.

In terms of economical rates, IncFile crushes its competition. Since their LLC formation service is free no matter which of their packages you buy, they make a very appealing offer. After all, could it get cheaper than $0!


  • Free Registered Agent Service (one year)
  • Operating Agreement
  • Bank Account
  • Tax-consultation

Swyft Filings

  • Personal Customer Support
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Free Website For Your Business


Created in 2004, IncFile has helped register 250,00+ companies and corporations. They were in Entrepreneur magazine's 2018 list of the top 360 entrepreneurial companies. They have a good reputation built on the experience of many years.

In comparison, Swyft Filings is a much younger company, and it was founded by a lawyer in 2012. From then on, they have assisted tens of thousands of businesses become registered. Positive client feedback is definitely one of their strong suits. 

Of the more than 20,000 reviews they have online, only 10% have a rating lower than 4.

Customer Support

Both companies offer customer support via phone, live chat, and email. IncFile’s and Swyft Filings’ live representatives can be contacted on the weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm as per the EST and CST time zones, respectively. 

The customer support personnel at IncFile respond to most emails within a single business day. On the other hand, Swyft has adopted a novel approach. Their Learning Center has articles and videos that might answer most of your questions before you ask a representative. 

Moreover, they assign their client a personal service representative who will be available to guide you through the process. This is a great idea because you can get personalized service this way. 

The reps on both sides respond promptly and give to-the-point answers. Although their answers are accurate, they do not elaborate much on anything, which might end up confusing a client even more. 

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time, or simply TAT, is the time interval from the submission of the documents to the registration of the company. It depends on the state in which you are establishing your LLC and the company you have hired to get this job done. 

TAT is the combined time taken to deliver the papers, file them, and process the registration. If you use IncFile, they will guarantee that your documents will be delivered to the relevant authorities on the next day. 

The same is true for Swyft Filings except that they can sometimes forward the documents on the same day! In general, the turnaround times are nearly the same for both of the companies. If your state allows for expediting the filing process, the LLC formation company can ask them to do so. 

This way the registration may get completed within a few days instead of weeks. You will be charged an extra sum for expedited filing. However, if you purchase IncFile’s Platinum Package, expedited service will be included in it.

In some states, IncFile does get things done a day or two earlier than Swyft Filings. This ultimately gives it a slight advantage.

Order Tracking

Nothing is more annoying than intently waiting for something you purchased. Luckily, to save you all that unnecessary anxiety, both of these LLC formation companies allow their clients to track their orders, and the ways they make this possible are almost equally convenient. 

All you have to do is hop on their website, log in to your account, and see the results of the real-time tracking. Nevertheless, the order tracking tool of IncFile is a bit better, and it gives you regular updates regarding the order. 

Registered Agent Service

When you register an LLC with the US government, you have to declare a ‘registered agent’. It is basically the entity that will be contacted and informed about the state of the LLC. For example, if a letter is to be sent to the LLC, it will be received by the registered agent. The owner of the company can state himself or herself to be this agent or hire another entity to serve this purpose. IncFile provides a preliminary free one-year registered agent service after which you will have to pay an annual fee of $119 if you want to continue it. 

If you hire Swyft Filings, it will cost you $149 per year. Although this includes regular compliance reminders so that you file all documents on time, frankly speaking, this price is much too hefty. We would recommend Swyft Filings only to those who want to avail of only their LLC formation service and not to make them registered agents.

Customer Reviews

Reviews and feedback help a company find its flaws, fix them, and improve themselves. Considering their long history in the field of LLC registration, it is no wonder that IncFile has made this improvement, and it clearly shows. 

They have been rated by more than 19,500 clients and have received nearly 12,000 reviews on Shopper Approved. About 99% of these reviews were positive and contained remarks praising the speed and convenience of using IncFile. 

They have a 4.8-star average rating which is proof of their excellent services. Swyft Filings has also received around 26,000 reviews on the internet. Despite this large volume of feedback, one hardly comes across any negative remarks. 

This goes to show how satisfied all their clients were with their exceptional customer support and smooth management of the filing process.

Ease of Use

The primary purpose of entrusting an LLC formation company with the task of registering your business is to get some load off your shoulders. Instead of spending hours of your day researching and understanding something those professionals are far better at anyway, you can invest your energy in some other part of your company, perhaps marketing. 

However, if a company fails to provide you the convenience you hired it for, then what was the point of spending your hard-earned money on it? But such is not the case for IncFile and Swyft Filings. 

You can rest assured that things will be taken care of without you having to go through any hassle. The designers outdid themselves when they made IncFile’s user-friendly website. The procedure for signing up could not be simpler. 

While filing the application, you will see small question marks which are hyperlinked to articles that contain information about particular entries in the form. Also, they present a thorough comparison of their packages, so that you can determine which of them suits both your budget and the needs of the company best. 

As far as upsells and offers by third-party services are concerned, there are indeed some of those. They are not much of a problem because as you select the different services, the total cost is instantly displayed. No unexpected, wallet-emptying surprises. It will take you no more than 20 minutes to go through it all.

The way Swyft Filings manages your paperwork and organizes the compliance alerts is really great. You will have no trouble finding what you are looking for in them. Check-out is another story altogether. 

Before you review your order, you have to go through twelve tediously long pages of text. Is this really necessary, though? Maybe or maybe not, but what’s certain is that there is a need for improvement here.

Additional Services

We have already discussed the core and accessory services each company offers. Although they offer many similar services, some services are unique to one company and are not included in the packages of the other. 

For example, registered agent service and a trademark clearance search are in all the plans available at IncFile, but Swyft Filings does not offer it even in their premium package. On the other hand, seller’s permits are offered only by the latter.

IncFile vs. Swyft Filings: Which is the Best?

Our lengthy discussion has revealed that these LLC formation companies are not too dissimilar. There are minute differences, and to some business owners, these differences matter a lot. For most people, however, getting bombarded with such a slew of information might make them even more indecisive. 

So, let’s put things into simple words, shall we?

  • Sign up for IncFile if you would like to get the best bang for your buck. If you are short on capital, their Silver Package is a really good offer. Also, if you need help with taxes and not as much with legal matters, their LLC formation plans might be the way for you to go.
  • Sign up for Swyft Filings if you think that their wealth of experience can prove useful, you like that they guarantee your satisfaction, or you would prefer to pay in installments.




For the cheapest price, IncFile is our recommended LLC formation service.

Swyft Filings

For a fast registration process and LLC formation.

Frequently Asked Questions

IncFile is the clear winner when it comes to competitive pricing. Few can offer rates as economical as theirs, each package includes numerous services too. Swyft Filings lives up to its name by getting things done a bit quickly.

In our opinion, IncFile is one of (if not the) best companies in terms of the value they offer. Each of their packages is a steal and covers everything a novice businessperson could ask for.

Both of them can offer assistance with the ongoing compliance requirements, but, as has been discussed earlier, at markedly different price points. IncFile charges $119/year for their registered agent service starting from the second year, while Swyft charges $149 from the first year. For the submission of annual reports, the costs are $88 and $99, respectively.

The publication service is offered by Swyft Filings only. Publication is not a federal requirement but a state-level one, and whether or not you need to declare the formation of your company in a newspaper will depend on the laws of the state.

Although both of them do put some effort to minimize upsells, there are still some ‘special offers’ by third parties sprinkled here and there, which are often an attempt to obtain and sell your data.

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