IncFile vs ZenBusiness (Which is the Best LLC Service?)

In this IncFile vs ZenBusiness review, we're going to compare two of the most popular LLC formation services based on pricing, features, and drawing out differences and similarities to let you see which is most suitable for you and your business.

IncFile vs ZenBusiness

If you've landed on this page, you probably want to form an LLC but don't want the pain and time-consuming process required to do it yourself.

IncFile and ZenBusiness are two great companies that specialize in LLC formation services for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Quick Summary: IncFile vs ZenBusiness

If you're in a rush here and just need to know which option is best for you when comparing ZenBusiness vs IncFile, let's quickly surface the highlights.

Both of these LLC formation services offer incredible value for money and both of them will help you to set up a company quickly and efficiently. You can't really go wrong, whichever you choose.

  • Sign up for ZenBusiness if you want the best customer support and a fast process.
  • Sign up for IncFile if you want the absolute cheapest option possible and don't mind a couple of upsells for features ZenBusiness has as standard.




For the best overall value, ZenBusiness is our recommended LLC formation service.


For the cheapest LLC formation service.

Similarities Between IncFile vs ZenBusiness

Seeing as both ZenBusiness and IncFile are LLC formation services, they are bound to have similarities. Let’s see what are the features that make both of them similar. After that, we will take a look at the things that set them apart.

Affordable Rates

The prices of services provided by ZenBusiness and IncFile are affordable and nominal. These two LLC formation services have the best rates in the market. Even though IncFile has a free basic package and the ZenBusiness basic package costs $49, the starter package from ZenBusiness is worth every penny that you spend on it. 

In terms of cost, you will not find better companies than ZenBusiness and IncFile. 

Excellent Customer Feedback

Even though the number of reviews that IncFile has is larger than that of ZenBusiness’s reviews, both of the companies have excellent customer feedback and positive, glowing recommendations from their customers.

Registered Agent Services

Whether you choose a package from IncFile or ZenBusiness, you will get a free year of registered agent services. All of their packages have this service, unlike some companies which offer this service only in their top-tier packages. 

Experienced Companies

Both ZenBusiness and IncFile have helped thousands of individuals over the years and have plenty of expertise. If you are looking for experienced formation services, both ZenBusiness and IncFile are a great choice.

Efficient Services

If you are searching for a service that will help you form your company quickly, both ZenBusiness and IncFile fit the criteria. With features such as rush filing and expedited filing offered by both of the companies, you can rest assured that your order process will be smooth and quick.

Online User Dashboard

We know that it is difficult to keep track of all your important documents. It would certainly not do if you lose your essential legal documents, right? You don’t have to worry about this with ZenBusiness and IncFile as both these services provide you with an online user dashboard. 

You can save your documents here and keep a track of your orders as well. Pretty convenient, right?

Differences Between ZenBusiness vs IncFile

Even though both ZenBusiness and IncFile are quality LLC formation service providers, there are a few things that set them apart from one another. Let’s see what those features are.

Years of Experience

When it comes to the years of experience each company has under its belt, IncFile with 16 years of experience wins the race. They have served over 250,000+ businesses since their inception in 2004. 

ZenBusiness was founded in 2015 and is relatively new. However, they have also formed thousands of businesses since then and have positive ratings from all of them. 

Worry-Free CPA Assessment

Want to get a financial assessment of your company? If you choose ZenBusiness, you will get a financial assessment of your company. Moreover, you will get a recommendation for a licensed CPA who will take care of your needs. 

You can keep a track of your business’s monetary flow, file your taxes, and stay organized. Unfortunately, this service is not a part of any package offered by IncFile.

Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee

With ZenBusiness, you get a worry-free compliance guarantee in their pro and premium packages. This service includes various features such as important deadline notifications, 2 filing changes annually, correcting filing errors, etc. 

You don’t see this feature in IncFile’s packages which cost the same.

Side-by-Side Comparison: IncFile vs ZenBusiness


If price is your priority then it's really hard to beat the free LLC formation that IncFile provides. For the budget-conscious entrepreneur, it's the best way to get started as cheaply as possible. All you pay are the state filing fees.


  • Starter package: $49
  • Pro package: $199
  • Premium package: $299


  • Silver package: Free
  • Gold package: $149
  • Platinum package: $299

ZenBusiness starts at $49 and for that price you get LLC formation, free registered agent service and a free operating agreement. The same service with IncFile is free!

The Pro (ZenBusiness) and Gold (IncFile) packages offer you an expedited filing speed, an EIN (Employee ID Number) and Banking Resolution.

For Premium (ZenBusiness) and Platinum (IncFile) you get even faster filing speed a domain name and a business email address.

So really on the pricing front, I think IncFile wins on pure pricing. There are some things more important though, especially if you are a busy entrepreneur. ZenBusiness has a 100% accuracy guarantee which IncFile does not. Mistakes can happen in the filing process and this will cover you against them.

Let's now look into the main features you'll be interested in and compare them.


The base level features for ZenBusiness vs IncFile in their $49 and free plans respectively are pretty much the same:


  • LLC formation
  • Filing articles of organization
  • Registered agent service
  • Customizable operating agreement


  • LLC formation
  • Filing articles of organization
  • Registered agent service

As you can see, the main difference on features here is the operating agreement. Is it worth $49? That's debatable depending on your business but it is an extra that, when combined with other factors, makes ZenBusiness well worth the $49.


IncFile have over 16 years of experience in the LLC formation business and they have over 250,000 customers in that time. This means you can be totally sure they know exactly what they are doing and can trust them with your company formation.

ZenBusiness are the new kids on the block. They've been doing LLC formations since 2015 so are relatively new to the industry. What they lack in age, they more than make up for in innovation. The entire formation process has been improved and simplified using technology and ZenBusiness has formed many thousands of companies in just a short space of time.

Customer Support

ZenBusiness have excellent customer service, but that wasn't always the case. They have taken the feedback of users on board and not offer phone, email and live chat from Monday to Friday between 8am to 8pm CT and on Sundays from 10am to 7pm CT. Their response times are excellent which is reassuring to know when you need an answer fast.

IncFile are notorious for having pretty slow response times. A quick look at their reviews will tell you this is one of the main complaints against them. You get email or phone support but when using email, don't expect a reply until at least the next day!

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times will depend quite a lot on which state you want to incorporate your company in, and both IncFile and ZenBusiness offer upgrade packages that will allow you to expedite the process.

When looking at the $49 ZenBusiness plan vs the IncFile free plan, generally speaking the ZenBusiness company formation process would be a little quicker than IncFile.

Order Tracking

It should come as no surprise in this digital age that both companies have a tracking tool on their website that will let you log in and check on the status of your filing. You can see at a glance where the process is.

Registered Agent Service

Having a registered agent is a requirement for any LLC company in the United States. A registered agent is a third party in your state who will become responsible and designated to receive notices, correspondence, and other official matters, including government notifications, tax forms and notices of lawsuits in behalf of your LLC.

This is a very important service because the state must have a reliable form of contacting your business.

Although both services offer one year of free registered agent service, ZenBusiness is the winner here because the price after one year is $99 where IncFile charges $119 per year for their registered agent service.

Customer Reviews

Actual customer reviews are very important because it gives you feedback on the services based on real users. Let's take a look at how IncFile vs ZenBusiness stack up on customer reviews.

With only 5 years of experience, ZenBusiness have over 4,600+ reviews on TrustPilot, with an overall rating of 4.8 stars. Most of the reviews are glowing and they commend ZenBusiness due to their easy order process and excellent customer support. 

Moreover, the fact that they have fewer upsells as compared to other services has been well-received by their users. There are a few complaints regarding recurring charges for their services. 

This can be easily avoided by keeping an eye on the end-dates of your subscription and canceling a service if you don’t need it anymore. Apart from this, most user reviews are wholesome and appreciative. 

ZenBusiness provides excellent LLC formation services at the lowest rates. Customer satisfaction holds a lot of importance to them and this is clearly visible from their glowing user reviews.

Since IncFile has more than 16 years of experience in the LLC formation industry, they have loads of satisfied clients with positive reviews online. Other than a few exceptions, most of their users are satisfied with the service they get.

IncFile has a 4.8 rating on Shoppers approved and has over 19,500+ user ratings. The ease of use along with the free LLC formation offer really leaves the customers satisfied. The only complaint that we have come across from their clients is the slow customer service response that we previously mentioned.

I think this is a tie for both companies. IncFile has a lot more reviews because they have been business over 10 years longer, but ZenBusiness are holding their own and providing excellent service too.

Ease of Use

When you compare the actual formation process of IncFile vs ZenBusiness, it's pretty much a tie.

Both services are easy to use and offer the information you need in an easy-to-find way. ZenBusiness has less upsells and distractions than IncFile but it's really a non-issue as both of them are equally easy to use to form your LLC.

Additional Services

Besides the Starter package, ZenBusiness also has Pro package that costs $149 and the Premium package at $299. 

With the Pro package, you get everything included in Starter, along with other features such as the acquisition of EIN, banking resolution template, and an expedited filing speed. The Premium package includes an even faster filing speed (Rush Filing Speed) and website creation software).

IncFile also provides all of these on their various plans, but the one difference we have seen with additional services is that ZenBusiness has a publication service for LLC formations which are required in certain states like New York.

One thing IncFile offers that ZenBusiness doesn't is a trademark name search.

IncFile vs ZenBusiness: Which is the Best LLC Website for You?

Now comes the million-dollar question: How do I choose between ZenBusiness vs IncFile? After reading the comparison between their features and services provided by ZenBusiness and IncFile, you must have come to a conclusion of your own.

As you can clearly see, both of them are quality services and have plenty of features in common. However, there are a few things that set them apart distinctly. If you are looking for a good-quality LLC formation service that is affordable and provides all the essential features for LLC formation, then we recommend ZenBusiness. 

It is the LLC formation service that provides the best overall value. As compared to IncFile, it has better customer services, which we highly value. However, if you are looking for the most affordable and cheapest service possible, you can go for IncFile’s silver package as it is free of cost. 

However, you will have to give up on a few perks such as business operating agreements and will have to settle for delayed customer service response.

  • Sign up for ZenBusiness if you want the best customer support and a fast process.
  • Sign up for IncFile if you want the absolute cheapest option possible and don't mind a couple of upsells for features ZenBusiness has as standard.




For the best overall value, ZenBusiness is our recommended LLC formation service.


For the cheapest LLC formation service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about the comparisons between IncFile and ZenBusiness and to help you make an informed buying decision, we'll continue to answer and update the frequently asked questions below.

Due to their quality services at affordable rates, excellent customer services, and best overall value, we recommend ZenBusiness over IncFile. However, if you are on an extremely tight budget and are willing to forgo a few important features, then you should go for IncFile.

If you are looking for good customer support, then you will be satisfied with ZenBusiness. They have professional, well-informed, and polite representatives. Moreover, they have a quick email response time.

On the other hand, IncFile is notorious for its slow response times. If you go through their reviews, you will clearly see that most of the customers have only one complaint – slow response time. Moreover, if you send them an email, you don’t expect them to get back to you until the next day.

For the first year of service, both companies provide free registered agent services. However, after the first year is complete, you have to pay $99 annually for the service with ZenBusiness and $119 with IncFile. Therefore, IncFile charges more.

Yes, you can take the DIY route for LLC formation. However, since it is a complex process, we will recommend that you use a professional service.

Yes, the silver package of IncFile is free of cost. You only have to pay the state filing fees. However, it is a very simple package, and if you want additional services, you will have to pay for them.

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