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What is an LLC?

If you're completely new to business, you might not yet know what an LLC is. An LLC is a Limited Liability Company and, put simply, it's a business structure very common in the United States to protect the personal assets of the business owner.

When you form an LLC, your business becomes its own legal entity. This means that the company is responsible for any lawsuits, debts, and so on, and not the owners of the company.

What is the Best LLC Service?

While you can form an LLC yourself, it's definitely not the easiest or most optimal way unless you have some legal background.

Most new businesses will use an LLC formation service to make the whole process a lot easier. A good LLC service will:

  • Make sure your company name is available
  • Ensure all legal documents are filed
  • Become your registered agent
  • Save you many hours of time
  • Keep you notified of any filing deadlines

We've reviewed many of the top LLC formation services available, and wrote a summary with our recommendations in our Best LLC Services guide.

LLC Registered Agent Services

Every LLC is required by law to have a registered agent. You can do this yourself, but it isn't ideal because not only do you have to handle the paperwork, your address will be publicly available.

Most businesses will use a registered agent service to keep your personal details private and to handle all of your paperwork and mail.

We've reviewed the top 6 registered agent services available and wrote a summary guide with recommendations here: Best Registered Agent Services

LLC Formation Company Reviews

Have a specific company in mind for forming your LLC? We've reviewed all of the top formation services in the market in great deal to give you the full rundown of what to expect if you go with any of them:

LLC Service Comparison

If you're thinking about using an LLC formation service but can't decide between a couple of the choices, our team have pitted a bunch of formation services against each other to find out which is best for you:

LLC Costs

If you need to know how much it costs to form an LLC in your state, our cost guides will help you to understand all of the legal fees and requirements you need to pay based on the state you want to form your company in.

This section is a work in progress and more states will be added over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of business and legal terms used when you need to form an LLC and you probably aren't quite sure what some of them (or any of them!) mean. Our frequently asked questions section will help you to find answers so you understand what all of these different bits of lingo mean!

Business Name Search

We're currently working on adding guides to the site which will help you to check whether your chosen LLC business name is available in your state.

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