IncFile Review: Is Free REALLY The Best?

IncFile review


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IncFile is our recommended LLC formation service if you want the cheapest possible way to incorporate your new LLC.

Since its inception in 2004, IncFile has gained a lot of recognition in the world of LLC formation services due to its expert services and affordability. They have helped over 250,000 businesses get off the ground.

The services you get are customized as per your needs as well as the requirements of the state of formation. For the services, IncFile charges one-time – this means that there are no retainers or long-term contracts!

For LLC formation, this Texas-based company is a good option. Not only do you get excellent services, but you can also get them at a whopping price of $0. You only pay the state fees and nothing more. They offer free registered agent service for one whole year!

If you want to find out more, the detailed IncFile review that follows will cover everything you might want to know before you choose them to form your LLC.

Going to start your business and are looking for the best LLC formation service? You are in the right place! We know that starting a new business can be intimidating and time-consuming. It is better to get legal help from professionals to not only take a load off your backs but to ensure that you are going about the process in the correct way.

With so many formation services out there, it gets hard to choose one without loads of research and information. IncFile is one of the most popular LLC formation services. They take care of all the legal needs for small businesses from filing business taxes to hiring a registered agent and a lot more.

To save your time, we have thoroughly explored the services available in this comprehensive IncFile review. Once you are done reading the review, you will be in a better position to make the final decision.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

IncFile Pros and Cons

Before we dive into the packages offered by IncFile, we will take a look at the pros and cons of the formation service. 

Benefits of IncFile

  • Affordable Rates. As a new business owner, budget is an important consideration. With so many expenses, paying a hefty sum to an LLC formation service is difficult. What makes choosing IncFile enticing is the fact that their packages start from $0! 

    This means that you don’t have to pay them a service fee – only the state fee! You will not find any formation service out there that would let you use their expert services for free.
  • Experienced Professionals. IncFile was founded in 2004. This means they have more than 16 years of experience in this field. With over 250,000 businesses as their clients, they are not only experienced but are highly-trained professionals as well. 

    What we like about IncFile is that they are customer-oriented. Every IncFile client can consult with a business tax certified professional for one hour – and that too without any payment!
  • Free Registered Agent Service. As an LLC, you are going to need a registered agent who will pick up documents from the government on your behalf. Not only does IncFile offer low prices, but also provides you with a full-year of free registered agent service irrespective of the service that you choose!

    Moreover, they allow you to track your order in real-time. With features such as online storage and a specialized dashboard to keep a track of important deadlines, you should definitely give IncFile a look.
  • Life Time Company Alerts. Life and work get pretty hectic. We often forget things and end up missing deadlines. If you use the services of IncFile, they will send you notifications via email to let you know about the deadlines.

    Be it annual reports, statements of information, or business licenses, IncFile will keep track of all the deadlines for you so that you can focus on growing your business!
  • Excellent Customer Service. If you have any queries regarding incorporating your business, you can always fire up a search engine and get the information you are looking for. However, not only will you end up wasting a lot of time, but there will be no guarantee that the information you find is authentic.

    IncFile has an excellent customer service system. Their support representatives are friendly and knowledgeable and answer any questions you have in a friendly manner. All IncFile clients receive unlimited email and phone support.

    They provide excellent customer value at low prices. With no automatic renewal and hidden fees, they are a transparent company that puts the needs of their customer first.

Disadvantages of IncFile

  • No Operating Agreement. Even though they have a free basic package, they do not provide an Operating Agreement in it. 
  • Slow Customer Service Response. Even though they have friendly customer service, it takes some to get hold of them. Even though their filing services are pretty fast, they definitely need improvement when it comes to response time on customer queries. However, they will get back to your queries within a day.
  • Limited Add-On Services. If you are using IncFile, you will not be able to form a PLLC. Other than this, you can form an LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, and Non-profit with their help.

IncFile LLC Formation Packages

As we said, the budget plays a very important role when it comes to choosing a formation service. A service with high-quality features and affordable rates is not easy to find. However, IncFile offers their services at competitive rates and you don’t have to break your bank to get expert formation services.

Not only can you form an LLC for free, but you also get plenty of good features such as a free year of registered agent services. There are IncFile packages that you can choose from:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Other incorporation services offer a lot of features, many of them not even necessary in the beginning. IncFile focuses on useful, basic services that make the whole process easier for you. Let’s take a look at the prices and features of these packages in detail.

Silver Package

The most basic package offered by IncFile LLC is the Silver package. It is free of cost – all you have to do is provide your information, pay the state fees, and Voila! You are now a proud owner of an LLC! Other LLC formation services charge at least $50 or more for the services they provide.

The silver package includes the following features:

  1. Preparation and Filing of the Articles of Organization
  2. Unlimited Name Searches
  3. Free Registered Agent Service for one year
  • Articles of Organization – Preparation and Filing. All the documents that you need to form your LLC are the articles of organization. In the basic packages, IncFile provides you the facility to get the documents drafted by experts. Moreover, they file the documents with your state themselves.
  • Unlimited Name Searches. Do you have a name for your company? Not sure whether the name has already been taken by another business? IncFile will help you with this as well. They will search the business database of your state and ensure that the business name you desire is up for grabs or not.

    If they find a match, they will let you know so that you can choose another name. With unlimited name searches, you can keep on suggesting new names free of cost!
  • Registered Agent Service. You are legally obligated to have a registered agent who will accept essential documents from the government on your behalf. With the help of a registered agent, you can rest assured that you will never miss an important delivery.

    Other LLC formation services charge a lot for this service. However, registered service is a part of the free Silver Package plan of IncFile. You can enjoy this service for free – for one full year! Moreover, you can track the status of your order with their free real-time tracking tool!
  • Free Business Consultation. If you have any queries regarding tax rules and regulations, you don’t have to search the internet. It will not only waste your time but also there will be no guarantee that the information will be authentic. 

    IncFile gives you a free consultation session with a professional. You can ask any questions you want from this certified expert! Moreover, you will serve email notifications from IncFile to make sure that you meet the deadlines for documents such as business licenses and annual reports.

    Once IncFile receives your filed documents from your state of formation, they will upload them to your dashboard and notify you. You can then view and download them easily!

If you want to file your LLC fast and at a minimal cost, then you should choose the silver package. However, you will have to create an operating agreement. Moreover, you will also have to register for an EIN on your own or separately.

Gold Package

The second package that IncFile offers is the Gold package at a minimal cost of $149. With this package, you get all the features present in the Silver package along with plenty more! 

The features of the Gold Package are:

  1. EIN Tax Number
  2. IRS Form 2553
  3. Business Operating Agreement
  4. Business Bank Account
  5. Business Tax Consultation
  6. Banking Resolution
  7. Lifetime Company Alerts
  8. Online Access Dashboard
  9. Unlimited Email and Phone Support
  • Employer Identification Number. An employer Identification number is basically like a social security number. But instead of an individual, it is for a company. If you have an EIN, you can open a business account for your company, file your business taxes, etc.

    It is possible for you to get an EIN from the IRS on your own but it will take some time. Therefore, IncFile offers to get the EIN for you to save your time and energy!
  • Business Operating Agreement. A business operating agreement outlines the structure of your business and tells you about its hierarchy. Moreover, it also lays down some ground rules about the functioning and operation of your company. With the help of IncFile, you will get a customized business operating agreement.
  • Business Bank Account Resolution. They also provide you with a document called ‘banking resolution’. This document will help you open a business bank account. However, if you have an EIN, this feature is redundant.  Along with the online dashboard, you will get a hard copy of the filed documents via express shipping. The tracking number will be provided to you and you will get the documents in 1-3 business days!
  • Gold Formation Kit. What we love about IncFile is its attention to tiny details that matter in the long run. With the gold package, you will get a box that has your company’s name on it. The transfer ledger along with several document organizing tabs will be present inside.

This mid-tier package has plenty of alluring features. From a professional binder and die-cast seal, you will get plenty of things for you to choose the Gold Package. Want your business taxed like an S-Corporation? You can inform IncFile and they will file the required documents with the IRS.

Premium Package

The third package which IncFile offers is the Premium package at a rate of $299 along with the state fee.

The following features are included in the Premium Package:

  1. EIN Tax Number
  2. IRS Form 2553
  3. Business Operating Agreement
  4. Business Bank Account
  5. Business Tax Consultation
  6. Banking Resolution
  7. Lifetime Company Alerts
  8. Online Access Dashboard
  9. Unlimited Email and Phone Support
  10. Business Contract Templates
  11. Expedited Filing
  12. Domain Name
  13. Business Email
  • Expedited Filing. Most of the time, filing your documents to incorporate your company takes a long time. With this feature, the filing process time can be cut down to a few days instead of weeks. No more waiting! 
  • Business Contract Templates. When you are running a business, you will need a few business forms for a variety of reasons. If you choose the Premium Package, you will have access to more than 25 legal document templates that are written by professional business attorneys.

    Instead of paying someone else to create the documents you need from scratch, you can customize these templates and save a lot of money!
  • Domain Name. We live in a technological world. Without a strong online presence, you will be missing out on plenty of opportunities. However, if you choose IncFile’s premium package, you will get a professionally designed website. 

    IncFile partners with a web development company named SnapWeb. You will only have to pay a small hosting fee to SnapWeb. If you sign up for their annual subscription, you will get a free domain! Moreover, IncFile will set up a business email account for you as well!

Although the Premium package costs you $100 more than the Gold package, it is worth the cost. If you want a website for your company, then this is the package that you should choose.

IncFile Reviews by Real Customers

Now that you read a lot of information about IncFile and the packages they offer, you are in a better position to make a choice. However, those who have used their services can tell you more about their quality. 

No IncFile review would be complete if we didn't look at the actual reviews left by their customers on Shoppers Approved.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, IncFile has plenty of satisfied clients and positive reviews. We checked customer reviews all over the internet and found out that, other than a few exceptions, most of them were satisfied.

The simplicity and ease of use, along with affordable prices endear IncFile to its users. Moreover, most of the customers are happy with the speed of the formation process. The only complaint that the users have is regarding the slow response from the customer services. 

The 24 hours they take to get back to their customers is slower than the response rate of other service providers. If you are on a smart budget and want to create your LLC, then IncFile is the right place for you. 

Not only will you get premium-level service, but you will also get lifetime notifications regarding filing deadlines! With a 4.8 rating on Shoppers Approved and 19,544 ratings, you can rest assured that they are one of the best formation services out there!

Best IncFile Alternative

I know this is an IncFile review and you were looking specifically for information about IncFile and their LLC formation services, but for us to provide a fair review we also need to make it clear that they may not be the best option, depending on your needs.

They do offer the cheapest option (free, plus state fees) but sometimes it is better to pay a slight fee in order to get the best service and features possible. This is why for most entrepreneurs and business owners, we recommend ZenBusiness.



ZenBusiness is the One Brick Court recommended service because their price is incredibly low, the customer support is top-notch, and they include everything you would want when forming your company in a simple package intended to get your company formed fast.

To find out more, read our comprehensive ZenBusiness LLC review.

Is IncFile Worth It?

There are many reasons why we like IncFile and think it will be a good fit for you. It has a lot of pros and very few cons that can be easily overlooked. 

  • Excellent Value. If you are on a budget, then this is the best formation service for you. All of the packages have sufficient features and are not bloated with things that are unnecessary. However, there is no operating agreement in the basic package.
  • Professional Customer Service. If you are someone who needs a lot of customer service assistance, then you should know beforehand that you would have to wait for the representatives to get back to you. However, once they do, you will be satisfied with the level of assistance they provide.

    They are knowledgeable and professional and will handle any issues you have in a timely fashion.
  • Ease of Use. What you will absolutely love about IncFile is that the order process doesn’t take a long time. Moreover, if you can’t even spare 10-15 minutes in one sitting, IncFile will save your progress so that you can complete the order process later!
  • Additional Features. IncFile offers a lot of additional features that are helpful for your business. You get access to an online dashboard where you can not only keep your documents but also keep an eye on the upcoming deadlines.




For the cheapest price, IncFile is our recommended LLC formation service.

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IncFile FAQs

Yes, you can become your own registered agent. However, you get one year of free registered agent service from IncFile. Therefore, the wise move would be to save yourself the hassle and opt for this wonderful service!

No. You will not have to sign any documents. Any documents that require a signature will be signed by IncFile. They will sign as the organizer and incorporator for your LLC.

We know that it is hard to believe, but this is a fact. IncFile provides free services in the form of their Silver package. All you have to do is pay for the state fees and the service fees would be waived. The silver package includes plenty of exciting features and if you are on a budget, this package will be the one we recommend.

The package you choose will depend on your needs. If you are on a budget and can’t afford formation services, then you should go for the Silver package. If you want an operating agreement, an EIN, along with other features than the Gold package should be the one you choose. We have reviewed their features in detail above. Reading them will help you make your decision!

Yes, they do have a refund policy. You can cancel your order before they have submitted the payment to the state. Typically, you will have a 24-hour window to cancel. If you cancel your order, they will charge a cancellation fee of $30, though.

IncFile Review: Conclusion

Starting a new business can be tough and overwhelming. However, with the right help, it doesn’t have to be! IncFile is an amazing formation service that will take care of your legal needs – and that too at an affordable rate!

From free LLC compliance reminders to free registered agent services, you will get a lot of perks if you choose IncFile. They have excellent customer feedback which means their users were satisfied with the services they got.

At the start of any business, there are a lot of things to take care of. Choosing a formation service will take a load off your shoulders and you will be able to focus on growing your business. If you are on a tight budget, yet are looking for a formation service, then IncFile is the option for you.

If you've found this IncFile review to be helpful in making a decision about whether they are the right LLC formation service for you, you can form your LLC with them right now for $0!

Here’s to your successful future as an entrepreneur! 

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