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IncFile and MyCompanyWorks are both reputable companies that specialize in LLC formation services for entrepreneurs and businesses. Our Incfile vs MyCompanyWorks comparison reviews both companies by comparing pricing, features, and drawing out differences and similarities to arrive at a verdict as to which is the most suitable for you and your business.

Quick Summary

Although both companies are great, the deciding factor between these two companies will most probably come down to IncFile's amazingly affordable basic package (FREE), with virtually the same features as MyCompanyWorks', but at no price at all.

IncFile began operation in 2004, and has since grown to become one of the most reputable LLC formation companies in recent times, and, in our opinion, for well deserved reasons. They offer some of the best pricing packages, and have served over 250,000 businesses.

MyCompanyWorks is a company with over 18 years experience, and 60,000 businesses served. Its formula is simple: help customers with LLC formation and other related legal services, do it efficiently and meticulously, satisfy customers, and in turn watch the business grow.

In our comparison we examine which company stands ahead of the other, by what margin, and give a final verdict to guide you on your LLC formation journey.


IncFile offers three pricing packages, which is pretty much the standard practice in the industry. Its uniqueness, however, comes from its comprehensive free package, called the

Silver Package, which is free after state fee. Its second package is the gold package, at $149 plus state fee, and its final package is the Platinum Package, at $299 plus State Fee.

MyCompanyWorks also offer a three-tier pricing package. Its basic package comes at $79 plus state fee, its entrepreneur package comes at $199 plus state fee, while its highest level package, the complete package, comes at $279.

Perhaps the highlight of the comparison of both price ranges is how cheap Incfile's initial zero-dollar package is, and how close their premium packages of both are in the end.

Incfile vs MyCompanyWorks – Functional Differences

We take a look below at some of the fundamental differences between both companies below:

1. Experience – IncFile has a solid sixteen-year experience under its belt, so it is definitely no pushover in this regard. But MyCompanyWorks sightly takes the edge with its 18-year experience. Doesn't seem like much difference, though, especially once you consider how effective IncFile is in its operation.

2. Turnaround Time (Speed) – As usual, LLC formation processing depends mostly on the states. Nonetheless, both companies ensure to act as swiftly as possible on their respective ends. They also both offer expedited services at a price, with MyCompanyWorks boasting of the cheaper price here.

3. Registered Agent Service – IncFile offers a full one year Registered Agent Service as part of its free basic package. It's obviously hard to top this, and while MyCompanyWorks tries its best by providing the same thing in its premium package, it doesn't quite get there as both its lower packages do not include the service.


1. Customer Service – MyCompanyWorks offers a really impressive customer service. Its response to emails and queries are usually swift and detailed. IncFile also offers a great customer service, albeit just a tiny bit slower than MyCompanyWorks'.

2. Help Resources – While both these companies are not law firms, they nonetheless provide enough legal guides and advice through articles, posts, FAQs, and so on.

3. Ease of Use – Both platforms are easy to navigate, and all features are clearly stated in a way that makes it remarkably easy to follow by both experts and novices alike.

Customer Reviews Comparison

IncFile boasts of numerous wonderful reviews on various review platforms. It has a 4.6 ratings out of five on Better Business Bureau (BBB), and a 4.8/5 score on Shopper Approved.

MyCompanyWorks has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Google Business Reviews, based on 48 reviews. Customers praised its customer service efficiency and the quality of advice received.

Here are excerpts from both companies' verified customer reviews below:


Fantastic way to successfully and efficiently set up your business. MyCompanyWorks want your business to succeed. All the set up advice and checklists were incredibly helpful. MyCompanyWorks was very effective and had a fair competitive price.

“It was simple and fast I'm on track to atarting my new buesness and I would recommend their services to anyone. top notch, and very customer oriented thank you.

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“I had an issue with a report that I had filed and received a call from Andrew in a very timely manner and he cleared everything up for me and got me the documents that I needed. He went above and beyond than expected and I greatly appreciated it.”

February 11, 2019 by John F. (MI, United States)

“I normally get my corp filings from another company, but after purchasing a corp thru, and how fast I received everything, this is my new go-to for legal business filings. Highly recommend!”

July 22, 2018 by Susan H. (CA, United States)


In these two companies we have two of the most established, and very well-reviewed companies in the LLC formation space. They both boast of a great customer service, easy-to-use platforms, and experience.

They also have a few differences in terms of availability of Registered Agent Service in lower tier packages, and in turnaround time.

All in all we feel the deciding factor between these two companies will most probably come down to IncFile's amazingly affordable basic package, with virtually the same features as MyCompanyWorks', but at no price at all.

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